About Community Triangle

Create global online community,  manage your communications, website and mobile app at one place.
Community Triangle has evolved from a searchable online database to a complete community management solution, offering different applications which is of great use and benefits to any group, organization, government entity and  business houses .It will resolve your  communication problems which you are facing during communication with other departments and teams within the organisation and outside organisation. The triangle refers to the hub which includes owner of  organization, membership and community.
Community Triangle is so versatile and competitive solution which fulfills the specific needs of a company, nonprofit organisations, schools, government agencies, or group with ease .Our goal is to overcome the flaws of communication occurred within the organisation.It is the perfect enhancement tool for scale up your businesses and allows you to  smoothen your communication flow in every hierarchy of the organisation.


Community Triangle offers complete Community Management Solution that brings Organizations, Members and Communities at one platform  .
it is an online service that manages your organisation communication flow effectively and also allows committee members, owners and organisations  to communicate freely with each other and access Or retrieve information relating to their business entities at any point of time.


Engage with your community or multiple communities from any device at any time


Receive profits from direct sales of products or services.


If you would like to sell something to a customer, at the very core of the matter is the something itself. 

Features of the Community Triangle

Community Triangle is applicable to any business, organization or group that wants  to communicate & coordinate  with each other. Community Triangle is the only competitive tool which  streamlines  communication flow without any abstraction at one place. 

Offer Products

You can create  own  virtual market place independently  and we can help you in configuring  the product Catalogue for your market place and at market place you will easily  give discounts offers  to your community members 

Reach Out

You can use it for sending emergency messages, calendar listings, events, flash sales, announcements, specials,emails , etc.  at their members electronic Gadgets with ease.


You can engage  your  community members securely and  will also make discussions,send invitation notifications over the platform to the members without any time lag.     

Post information

You can make information ready for  members at the platform for future references. information includes a calendar, donation sites, membership news, newsletters, news, hotlines, eCommerce sites, sales, specials, events, library, member resources.

Use Push Marketing

Use this platform for push marketing by using your Mobile phones or Laptops to Send out notification about products offers,coupons & exclusive Sales  to the target audience.

Manage & Set Controls

With an easy-to-use management system, You can easily  activate or deactivate members and  also control their communications.